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About Us

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of the committee is to act in an advisory capacity to promote and encourage employment of people with disabilities through community outreach, education and advocacy. November 2015 marked the 62nd anniversary for the committee.

Lycoming County Employment Committee for People with Disabilities believes: Pennsylvanians with disabilities deserve every opportunity to contribute to our workforce, “Increasing employment opportunities and hiring people with disabilities helps individuals lead a full and productive life."


Services Provided

  • Enhancing public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Promoting employer acceptance of workers with disabilities and compliance with the Affirmative Action policy.
  • Advocating removal of environmental barriers such as architectural, transportation and other barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. For instance, help businesses their facilities more accessible.
  • Organizing seminars on particular areas of interest to people with disabilities.
  • Referring individuals with disabilities as well as business and industries to available resources to resolve barriers.

Mission Statement

The Committee’s mission is to facilitate the communication, coordination and promotion of public and private efforts to enhance community employment of people with disabilities. The Committee provides information, referral and technical assistance to local private business and industry, local public organizations, families and individuals to support our mission.